Travel Plans – places still to come

Working on my Bucket List.

There are so many beautiful and exciting places in the world to visit and see – so many favourite places to return too and so many new treasures to find and explore.

Last year we had a 9 week trip to England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland. Apart from having a wonderful time visiting castle, towns and areas we had heard about all our lives we were keen to look up long dead ancestors as well as the chance to catch up with our living family & friends who now live in various areas around the UK.

Last time we were in England we had a really short time-frame and had to squeeze a lot into a really tight schedule.  This time we have the luxury of extra time and we were able to plan an itinerary to make sure we fitted in all of the things that we have ever wanted to do. Of course, we left somethings out so hopefully we will have another trip in a couple of years time.

Two things that will made this trip so much easier than our last trip to Europe – firstly they drive on the same side of the road as we do – yay! and secondly we will be able to read the street signs – yay again!!!

At this stage we haven’t made plans for another big trip but I’m sure that 2020 will see us jetting off somewhere nice – so many choices.

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