Travel Plans – places still to come

Travel is an adventure - style is a vital part
Travel is an adventure – style is a vital part

There are so many beautiful and exciting places in the world to visit and see – so many favourite places to return too and so many new treasures to find and explore.

Next year we are planning the big one!  The trip to England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland.  Both sides of both of our families come from the British Isles and it’s about time we took the time to really explore our family roots and heritage.  Add to the natty notion of looking up long dead ancestors is the chance to catch up with family & friends now living in various areas around the UK.

Last time we were in England we had a really short timeframe and had to squeeze a lot into a really tight schedule.  This time we have the luxury of time and we are going to spend a lot of time planning the trip and trying to make sure we fit in all of the things that we have ever wanted to do.

Two things that will make it much easier than our last trip to Europe – firstly they drive on the same side of the road as we do – yay! and secondly we will be able to read the street signs – yay again!!!


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