Let’s get started…again!

Travelling takes on a whole new meaning after you retire. We have now been semi-retired for about five years. Semi because we still like to work and we want to travel, which unfortunately always costs more than you expect! We are so lucky now as our vacations are no longer constrained by leave entitlements and all of the everyday issues like school terms and mortgage payments. I know some adventurous people ignore these constraints, living unconventional lives and travelling around when and if the mood takes them. Unfortunately, for most of us, this freedom doesn’t come until later in life. … Continue reading Let’s get started…again!

Travel tips – savings that don’t spoil the experience.

Travel is right up there on most people’s ‘To Do’ and ‘Bucket’ Lists, but the types of travel you like and enjoy are very different beasts. For some people, the camping, glamping or caravaning style is just their thing – … Continue reading Travel tips – savings that don’t spoil the experience.