Let’s get started…again!

Travelling takes on a whole new meaning after you retire. We have now been semi-retired for about five years. Semi because we still like to work and we want to travel, which unfortunately always costs more than you expect!

We are so lucky now as our vacations are no longer constrained by leave entitlements and all of the everyday issues like school terms and mortgage payments. I know some adventurous people ignore these constraints, living unconventional lives and travelling around when and if the mood takes them. Unfortunately, for most of us, this freedom doesn’t come until later in life. Now, after raising our children, working hard in our business and in our careers, we have paid off the mortgage, and we are free to travel without the old concerns that once constrained us. Budget, unfortunately, will always be a constraint; however, within our budget and using some clever tricks and tips, we are having a wonderful time.

We have had some fantastic trips already, some to faraway places and some closer to home. Along the way, we have learnt some great lessons, met fabulous people and seen amazing sites. I started this blog to write about these experiences and with the hope that this information would help someone plan their special holiday, their once in a lifetime trip or just make the process of packing for that trip and preparing easier. This is a personal account of the way we do it, the place we have seen and the lessons learnt. Enjoy my stories, and if you are interested, please leave comments and join in the conversation. When we are travelling I like to post pictures on Instagram and I invite you to travel with us by following my Instagram Account @cphillips313.

Over the next few weeks, I will share stories of the holidays we have taken over the last five years and share with you plans for future holiday destinations. I hope you enjoy my stories.

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