The biggest change in my life – or so I thought, was contemplating slowing down.  Selling our business was a reaction to the changing economic landscape not a planned exist strategy – serendipity, we knew it wasn’t getting better and a buyer came along.  Enough said, after some initial feelings of bitterness, regret, and even a sense of failure the up side was soon obvious!  After years of working and working and working – life was going to get a whole lot easier.  Wow – how would I spend all that extra time.

Retirement is akin to any loss – there are distinct stages to the process.  Now I think we’ve  been through them all but it has taken nearly two years to arrive at a place where my sense of self has been reassembled to take into account all the many wonderful facets of this new phase of our lives.

We live a slower pace of life without external pressures, pressure is something that sometimes we actually have to create for ourselves.  Remember, my generation didn’t use words like ‘stress’ as a negative.  Carbon under stress produces diamonds. I was really used to living life in the fast lane – so what now!

Without any stress in your life, why would you get up in the morning!  I think I slept for a month after I finally got through all of the paperwork left over from the sale of the business.   Time to review – do we want to sleep for the rest of our lives?   Response – create some stress – again not a negative – start a small part-time  business,  join groups, plan holidays, invite friends over, make new friends and if you are as lucky as me – fall more deeply in love with your spouse.

This is an exciting time – very easy to fall back into old habits, working too much, worrying about things that our outside of our control.  Take a deep breath and relax.cute_inspiration3

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